about xinning

Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) was founded in 1997, in 2009 the first batch of gem listing, stock code: 300013.

Company to import and export of electronic components bonded goods warehousing as the initial core business, after extended to home appliances, consumer goods, such as the design and implementation of the supply chain integration solutions. In 2015, the company in the way of mergers and acquisitions to enter the satellite navigation and positioning operations services, and actively layout new energy car rental, cross-border electricity supplier and base liquor supply chain services.


The company in order to promote the development of intelligent logistics supply chain management responsibility, adhere to the two core strengths of technology and service, by virtue of its product and service innovation, supply chain management and excellent execution, determined to build the company into a comprehensive logistics group Chinese most competitive.


The company made great efforts to pursue a comprehensive logistics group China most competitive, pragmatic and enterprising spirit of struggling in the logistics service line, for the rapid development of the logistics industry to give a powerful energy, has become an important part of robust support for the development of the world Chinese. Enterprise development has received a number of qualifications to prove the strength and ability of the enterprise, has always been concerned about the future development of the industry and the direction of progress, the development of technology to add a strong driving force for the development of the industry.

The company keep up with the pace of the times, with intelligence, internationalization, platform strategy to build a new mode of development, open Chinese made a new pattern of development of supply chain management under 2025. Leading international new technology applications, covering the world’s international network, convenient and rapid exchange of information, in order to create a new era of logistics superior environment to make a good guarantee.


The company’s existing staff of nearly 3000 people, including R & D team and technical service team of more than and 700 people, the company is headquartered in Jiangsu, Kunshan, consists of two major business groups: logistics group and satellite positioning group, more than 60 branches and service outlets throughout the country. Improve the sound of the company’s services network, to provide efficient and efficient services to create excellent conditions for the domestic and international companies to select the preferred logistics partner.


The company currently employs nearly 3000 people


Technical service team of more than and 700 people


The national and overseas 60 subsidiaries


Twenty years of development process