Base wine supply chain


Renhuai Xinning base liquor supply chain company provides the base wine packaging, warehousing, logistics, distribution and other services, the use of “Internet plus” and supply chain innovation mode activation of Maotai liquor industry, to create the base wine logistics ecosystem, to become Maotai liquor industry’s most competitive suppliers in supply chain management.


Mu base liquor integrated logistics base


Million tons of base liquor regulatory total capacity


Billion total assets planning

Scope of business

  • Chateau
  • Information source
  • Supply chain finance
  • Pre production capacity

The winery’s production capacity, technology, stock value data, onto the cloud platform, the past will only have storage management function of the “wine library”, through remote monitoring, traceability and other forms of Maotai truly and accurately show in front of customers, making the product and market fit, finally let the stock time should be cash commodity.

The establishment of “digital ID for Maotai flavor liquor”. The key link of information blending information of grain planting information, base wine brewing and storage of information, information of finished wine in the acquisition and the establishment of the database, the final show in the form of two-dimensional code to the market side, not only solve the problem of consumer cognition of products, but also played an objective to promote the standard of wine the role of enterprise operation.

And the number of domestic 10 commercial banks to carry out cooperation, the first introduction of the third party supervision of the financial model of movable property pledge. It relieves the private enterprise in the business activities of the funds pressure (especially the Maotai liquor industry, brewing a year, can be stored for four years on the market, the investment cycle is longer), but also let the fund provider to clearly grasp the flow of funds and the return of the source.

The consumer direct investment base liquor industry chain — base wine brewing, allow consumers to share the Maotai liquor due to storage time accumulation to bring value to the production and sales of two was reached the height of the fusion of virtual link.