Satellite Positioning Service

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Has the industry’s largest R & D team, has successfully developed intelligent vehicle management cloud platform, intelligent transportation system, intelligent system, taxi driver training management system, road transport workers continue to remote education system, electronic transport system, safety management system, government supervision platform eight series of products, and based on the research and development advantages, to provide hardware customized services and other integrated services for government and enterprises.

Business field


The vehicle terminal data connection through GPRS/GSM/WCDMA communication network and monitoring center, two-way data transmission using the Internet; the vehicle terminal receiving GPS positioning signal and vehicle state data, vehicle status detection, according to the working state of location and state data will be transmitted to the monitoring center, the monitoring center and receive control data and scheduling information or control of the vehicle. Can realize vehicle location, vehicle condition monitoring, speeding alarm, track playback, statistical report generation and other functions.

The company has the industry’s largest R & D team, has successfully developed intelligent vehicle management cloud platform, intelligent transportation system, intelligent system, taxi driver training management system, road transport workers continue to remote education system, electronic transport system, safety management system, government supervision platform eight series of products. In addition, based on the needs of national defense construction and security management, the company has a comprehensive plan to improve the Beidou emergency command system, can be used in the field of reserve forces and civil disaster relief, enterprise security management.

Custom hardware safety, energy saving, opening and compatibility based on the design concept, to ensure high speed, safe and reliable data storage based on the full realization of monitoring and positioning, emergency alarm, real-time video and virtual fence, driving records and other functions, to achieve seamless integration with other devices to provide open interface. Take B2B, B2C model, and the depth of cooperation with the communications operators to provide personnel, vehicle location services based on research and development advantages for the government, the enterprise provides hardware customized services and other integrated services.

  • Cloud platform【BS5.0】
  • Intelligent bus system
  • Rental system
  • Driving training system
  • Educational system
  • Electronic transport system
  • security management system
  • Government supervision platform

Platform profile

BS5.0 is the independent research and development, after fifth generations of upgrades, combined with Internet plus international leading technology, GIS technology, spatial database, based on B/S development, Java cross platform deployment platform to solve the cluster load problem, developed a comprehensive map service platform, port logistics, TMS mainstream seamless enterprise ERP software.

Major function

Vehicle distribution, operation conditions and operation trend, alarm statistics, location services, system management, statistical statements, personalization, real-time alarm, remote instruction, image capture, real-time video, street track playback, announcement system. Assist customers to fully grasp the operation of the vehicle, improve the efficiency of enterprise operation.


System overview

City in the field of intelligent transportation, independent research and development of the operation of the city comprehensive traffic command center system, traffic data integration and service system, traffic emergency command center system software system has been successfully applied in various provinces and cities nationwide and many large-scale projects.
Intelligent transportation system based on satellite positioning, wireless communication, car networking technology, realize the automatic generation of single, departure time automatically push over artificial auxiliary, so as to achieve the scheduling mode of intensive and innovation, and provide better services for the supervision of the government, the public. Promote public transport management fine, wisdom of the bus industry, travel experience precision, to achieve coordinated development of people, vehicles, roads and the environment.

Major function

  • Traffic monitoring: speed control, driver fatigue monitoring; vehicle condition monitoring; running state monitoring: Flying station, punctuality rate; illegal vehicle video monitoring; electronic fence monitoring; multilevel alarm mechanism; schematic visualization of traffic;
  • Remote monitoring: monitoring; remote video capture, video, voice recording; remote; security; TTS text upload issued; remote fault oil; remote terminal configuration: flexible external other peripherals;
  • Intelligent scheduling: on site, flexible line set, free collocation can be automatic and manual scheduling; scheduling of vehicle; the driver for flexible scheduling, attendance management; dynamic monitoring, real-time scheduling; timely scheduling instructions sent to the driver, improve efficiency; can set the bus lines operating time, service statistics such as the cost of clearing;
  • Statistical report form: operation situation report form; operation condition on the same period table; vehicle mileage table; vehicle import and export station statistics table, etc.;
  • Travel services: car service WiFi; vehicle location information; automatic station / electronic bus stop;
  • Advertising services: bus advertising management functions;

System overview

Intelligent rental system is composed of three parts, the taxi GPS positioning system, the dispatching system and the vehicle system. Through the construction of the system, it can realize the function of positioning monitoring, intelligent scheduling, information service, safety supervision and industry management. Including taxi location, speed, direction, operating conditions, near GIS map display, display, near the vehicle dynamic information read and display, electronic vehicle, intelligent scheduling and voice call car and other functions, while providing convenience for people to travel, reduce Kongshi rate.

Major function

Wisdom taxi industry solutions not only complete in compliance with the requirements of the JT/T 905 specification, and the addition of ad service center, intelligent transportation information collection and other features.


System overview

Wisdom driving training industry solutions to solve the problem of driving training industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, to better enhance the efficiency and safety of public transport driving training industry. Different from the friends of the business plan, to achieve all-round, all-weather real-time monitoring service positioning monitoring technology e-trans driving training solutions wisdom to focus more on the core needs of culture industry — through industry-leading and advanced data management cloud platform, and through the software to optimize the internal management of their own driving school allocation, enhance the efficiency of enterprise.

Major function

E-trans driving training solutions by means of intelligent high precision satellite positioning technology, high-speed wireless communication technology, high performance GIS map engine technology, high-quality video monitoring technology, IC card encryption technology, two-dimensional code security technology and mass data storage technology, complete the wisdom of driving training platform and enterprise software construction. All kinds of subjects theory study can use WEB website, CS client, the traditional teacher teaching and so on, students can choose according to their preferences. The coach vehicles were deployed integrated IC card timing, fingerprint verification, service evaluation and image acquisition and other advanced features of Beidou /GPS intelligent vehicle terminal, the driver training institutions teaching theory and teaching supervision period record.


System overview

The road transport workers continue to remote education system aimed at enriching the driver learning paths, homes of fun learning experience, senior teachers and equipped for the e-trans reserve, excellent teachers and a specially designed intelligent test database with many years of experience in road transport, the maximum extent to ensure the quality of education and enhance the efficiency. The information system using the Entity Framework Model and the data of two level cache, realize the real-time online communication, online teachers and students, school students, statistical simulation test data management, training courses to choose, the two-way evaluation mechanism, effectively curb various traditional habits. At the same time, the background data docking drive training supervision department, a substantial reduction in referral costs, shorten the waiting period of traditional driving training.


System overview

Through the classification of cloud data and system platform business at all levels of the electronic transportation system, to achieve the exchange of network management and transportation agencies at all levels and the sharing of information resources, the road transportation management mode existing static to a dynamic management mode, so as to realize the business approval, the annual inspection, the inspection and treatment documents released, public services and other Transportation traffic information management, improve the management and service level of road transport.


System overview

Safety management system based on AQ-T9006-2010 “enterprise safety production standardization basic standards”, into the daily management of the enterprise through the security management information system: management system establishment, supervision and training and the training of personnel assessment, production equipment (vehicle), record industry safety monitoring and statistics, emergency alarm notification, accident report and other more; the effective implementation of the entire security system better, simplify the internal process and have a practical record of the entire production process. Applicable to the class line passenger, rental industry, logistics industry and other transportation industries. Effectively solve the problem of transportation safety supervision, can achieve effective convergence of supervision and management, improve the ability of vehicle supervision and decision-making, to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, and effectively protect the safety of life.


System overview

The government supervision platform according to operation and supervision departments and safety supervision department of information system application requirements, road transport vehicles real-time location and status information based on the characteristics, through the integration of transport vehicle occupants and transport vehicles management user data and high precision transport vehicle satellite positioning and vehicle state data, fine management, vehicle service range holographic security monitoring, remote information exchange, comprehensive administration and supervision services. The government supervision platform mainly consists of high precision satellite positioning system, high speed communication network system, multi function information monitoring platform and multi-mode vehicle information collection terminal, etc..