Car networking services

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Xinning using location services and networking in the field advantage, and years of experience in informatization construction, long-term commitment to the city traffic information and intelligent construction. At present, Xinning logistics car networking solution has been covering the three – transportation industry supervision platform, general fleet management system and comprehensive traffic information service system of city intelligent traffic.

  • Wisdom cloud platform
  • Custom development
  • Terminal development
  • application development

Platform profile

Cloud computing resources for the vehicle, the vehicle data in the cloud for big data analysis, reduce the energy consumption and time cost of a single vehicle node. Based on the cloud platform, a real-time traffic environment prompting and browsing based on geographic location is built, which makes every driver participate in the construction of driving environment. Driving behavior data of car cloud networking platform from multiple vehicle integration analysis, rapid, accurate and comprehensive access to real-time traffic information and traffic information, provide a body of data for diagnosis, navigation, all kinds of value-added services based on the customer position.


System overview

Long service line of automobile manufacturers, based on TMC (Traffic Message Channel) release technology, integration of digital broadcasting system of traffic information (RDS) and satellite positioning system (GPS), the navigation electronic map database and car networking information combined with organic, vehicle navigation specification level before loading terminal customization for manufacturers. Including vehicle navigation terminal, the rear mirror, driving recorder, body data OBD diagnostic instrument, intelligent touch multi-function screen, integrated video and audio entertainment navigation Android intelligent terminal.


System overview

Upgrade through iterative map, dynamic database, cloud, client, vehicle system, Android intelligent terminal for after market research and development, can realize the remote control of the vehicle, the vehicle diagnosis, maintenance appointment, near the road rescue, condition monitoring and other functions. At the same time with the video phone, online navigation, network multimedia, real-time traffic, weather warning, near the hot resource services, such as parking guidance, refueling, maintenance, catering and accommodation rich car networking.


System overview

Based on the Android system, to provide a diversified, platform for the development of intelligent products. Research and development in line with market demand products, such as intelligent vehicle mounted mirrors, intelligent navigation system, smart camera, intelligent travel recorder, ADAS, intelligent charging piles and other products.