Car networking Solutions

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The various information sensing equipment, using radio frequency identification devices (RFID), GPS, mobile communication, wireless network access technology and network technology, voice service support system, to achieve the four one among people, car, road, environment, network vertical integration services to car flagship cars. Through the “intelligent vehicle electronic equipment + car cloud networking platform +APP” mode of operation, service to OEMs and owners, to improve service quality, improve vehicle factory owners stickiness, create more value-added services, and gradually form a car networking application ecosystem.

  • Supervision platform
  • Service system
  • Management system

E-trans car networking transportation industry supervision platform is an integrated industry with the transport sector to the government department in charge of supervision platform, the traffic control department of information service for scientific management, for the entire transportation industry to provide quality services. The platform to achieve a variety of vehicles operating dangerous freight vehicles, long-distance passenger transport, bus, taxi, law enforcement vehicles unified monitoring and management, improve the ability to respond to the command and dispatch of emergency and large-scale activities to achieve reasonable convergence monitoring, management, command and dispatching business process to improve the collaborative decision-making ability of industry regulation.

E-trans  car networking  traffic integrated information service system with GPRS/3G/FM/CM M B and other communication functions through customized to achieve GPS positioning, dynamic navigation, path optimization services and will further enrich the content of services such as parking guidance and traffic video query, tourism and catering service. System provides real-time traffic information to facilitate the public to choose the way of travel and travel routes to shorten the travel time to reduce travel costs and effectively reduce the network congestion and improve the efficiency of the road network.

E-trans  car networking general fleet management system is mainly based on satellite positioning (GPS), wireless data communication, geographic information system (GIS), RFID, sensor networking technology provides the current position of the vehicle, image, video and other real-time information on customers comprehensive enterprise industry now has I Ding system and meet the demand of resources effectively, monitoring team scheduling and management services for customers. Suitable for logistics freight vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, armored vehicles, vehicle insurance loss, mortgage of the engineering vehicle, car rental company vehicles, sanitation vehicles, station, airport vehicles, cold chain logistics vehicles, and other vehicles management needs. fleet management system