Freight services

With its own main bus and network based, full use of transportation resources, according to the demand characteristics of different customers, providing personalized and integrated transportation and other logistics services for customers. TMS own vehicle transportation management system can effectively manage the goods transportation project entity flow and information flow, monitor the whole process of the running process of the vehicle, check the vehicle related car at the same time, single waybill, greatly improves the efficiency of freight operation.

  • Air
  • Maritime
  • Land
  • Multimodal
  • Customs and customs

Air transport

With a careful selection of airlines, we can provide scheduled air services for all major airlines around the world to help you determine your plans and improve your efficiency. Our FORWARD AIR services to a high degree of flexibility to meet the specific requirements of customers.

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Route product

We have good cooperation with many domestic and foreign airlines, such as: Cathay Pacific, China Eastern Airlines, service network is mainly distributed in the Americas, Europe, and is gradually developing Southeast Asia and Australia market.

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China Eastern


Transport line


Maritime transport

With our rich variety of international shipping services and the inclusion of different types of equipment and integrated services business products, we ensure that your goods at the most economic cost, at the right time to reach the right place. Through cooperation with careful selection of ship company and alliance, we can provide space for security in the world all the main route and container terminal, and trusted freight service.

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Land transport

Xinning logistics land transportation service with railway transportation, highway transportation has the dual route, modernization, large and fast, with the core competitiveness, the overall carrying capacity of about hundreds of millions of tons. Which are equipped with GPS system, equipped with mobile security defense system, with fast delivery, high efficiency and low cost competitive advantage, make more competitive in the domestic freight Xinning trunk line.

Railway transport

Xinning logistics combined with the highest quality of railway transportation resources, to provide high quality service to our customers in railway transportation.

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Road Transport

Our freight has a modern, large-scale, rapid, with the core competitiveness of the ordinary team and supervision team, a total of hundreds of vehicles, the overall carrying capacity of about 100 million tons. Which are equipped with GPS system, equipped with mobile security defense system, with fast delivery, high efficiency and low cost competitive advantage, make more competitive in the domestic freight Xinning trunk line.

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Multimodal transport

According to the actual needs of customers, the establishment of the fast line, the most convenient route, the lowest cost route, the route optimization, the armed three ways to effectively combine three-dimensional transport scheme to create high flexibility, for customers to solve the logistics problem.


Customs and customs

Provide customs clearance and customs Xinning logistics service, let the customer freight flow easily, eliminating unnecessary trouble, tracking and feedback services also provide information goods timely, grasp the real-time information delivery of goods at any time.


  • Achieve one-stop freight services, to provide customers with convenient services in place.
  • Distributed in the world’s more than and 100 agents, mainly covering the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia and other places. In which the United States has developed more than 60 major cities, the formation of a dedicated network of agents, to provide dedicated service.
  • Provide import and export customs declaration, customs clearance, customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant quarantine, airport operation and ground air and land transport services supervision.
  • Provide immediate information tracking and feedback service.
  • The most competitive prices and stable line channels, high-quality team of experts to develop transport programs.