Our group president Tan Pingjiang has been named the “Chinese commercial vehicle networking T20 influential man”

Xinning logistics management work will be held in 2016

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pay someone to do your homeworkJanuary 22,23, 2016, Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. held a 2016 annual management work will be a day and a half.
At the meeting, Wang Yajun, chairman of the 2016 development strategy to do the work in the future – the supply chain management of the industrial Internet era. Wang Dong said that in the increasingly personalized customer, fragmented and fast interactive era, the group company should seek from the trend of industrial development in 4 to the development of intelligent way, R&D and Xinning in the process will also be committed to supply chain management. At the same time, for the development of each subsidiary, Wang Dong put forward to hope: in the new year, the company in addition to the attention of their own development, but also to look at the world, the attention of the world, concern about the great changes in the industry, and to realize the transformation of work pattern, market vision and the transformation of mode of thinking.111
Subsequently, the subsidiary of the general manager and the company’s functional departments in order to report the results of 2015 reached a situation and work in 2016. For the existing problems and the need to help solve the part, the executive director of the executive officer at the scene to put forward questions and give a clear answer, the atmosphere is warm and efficient.
Listened to the speeches, President Tan Pingjiang sums up: a keyword of Xinning logistics in 2016 is “change”, change forward, innovation, these will be implemented in all aspects of performance pay, employee stock ownership and corporate culture to be; at the same time, from the business level, foreign business platform is very large, the idea of Xinning very much, the company will uphold a prudent and responsible attitude of the long and short term project for import. Xinning will continue to highlight its core competitiveness, create a competitive brand, achieve ten billion market capitalization of xinning!
In 2016, carrying a year of hope, believe in the shares of the company executives made the strategic guidance, in the molecule’s thorough understanding and practical implementation, Xinning will carry more dreams, create a better future!