Human Resources

Welcome you to join  Xinning logistics. Because of your joining, we further add vigor and vitality, your life will open a new page in the thick and heavy in colours.
We will be based on the mutual recognition and understanding through upwards, orderly, and grow together, and I hope you have a wonderful career.
We hope you in this harmonious and efficient team, and colleagues together, in order to achieve the company’s strategic objectives to work together, to struggle together.
I sincerely hope that every employee to show their talents in this harmonious and passionate environment, show beautiful life in the company on the stage!


The healthy development of the enterprise must not be separated from the efforts and support of the staff. Xinning logistics leadership care, love line, grassroots, observation work, caring staff, always concerned about each member of the enterprise, each staff as an important part of the enterprise, not only refers to the care, care more about life, more concerned about the future development. The future is the future of the enterprise employees, and all members of Xinning logistics will be striding toward the future.
Xinning logistics for all members of the development plan “to help employees succeed” based on the concept, and constantly improve the staff competency, promote staff’s occupation development;
The company has a beautiful environment, complete functions, modern training center, improve the training system, help employees grow rapidly;
The company’s outstanding performance for the year, we also provide special awards, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the company;
The company for employees to apply for old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including serious illness medical), maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing provident fund, the establishment of a sound welfare system.


Xinning logistics provides the development path of double channel for employees, employees can choose a suitable way according to their own situation, to play to their talents, there is no “glass ceiling” block. Allow employees in the company’s broad arena to show their talent, to play more free space to enable employees to get all aspects of the upgrade.


Xinning logistics professional trainer, combined with the rich resources of our experimental products, technologies and solutions for professional explanation and guidance. Regular training activities organized by the company, to promote the comprehensive and healthy development of staff, the overall quality of a significant increase, to achieve the value of the maximum staff.


Xinning logistics has established the perfect salary system, in addition to the basic wages, the company is also preparing the characteristics of various types of bonuses and subsidies for employees, to create a high quality of life for employees, reward advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the enterprise, so that the value of employees have been fully recognized.


The company established a rich sound welfare system, personal pension plan for employees, buy insurance and accident insurance, regular staff travel, complete with paid holidays, such as sick leave, maternity leave and annual leave, staff well-being and happiness is their biggest comfort.