Industrial Distribution

Xinning logistics uphold the “enhance our morality day by day and forge ahead with a peaceful mentality” enterprise training: constantly improve the enterprises in the process of innovation in virtue, in the changing market environment, firm goal, keep the heart, to achieve long-term development. Continue to scientific innovation to achieve technological upgrading, improve the quality of work to create the perfect service, intelligence, big data, Internet service three constitute industry supply chain management, a science and technology company creative industry.

The company will industry layout is divided into two parts: the “logistics group” and “satellite positioning group”, based on the traditional logistics industry on the formation of modern logistics mode of higher level, through the reasonable integration and integrated management of resources, technology, management, service and other aspects of the modern logistics ecological operation has been greatly optimized, the formation of the market as the guide, with enterprises as the new logistics operation mode of ecological security.


Logistics business group

Logistics business group’s main business has warehousing services, freight services, supply chain R & D services, in charge of business cross-border electricity supplier services, new energy car rental services. In the country has 35 branch offices and branches, and in Hongkong and Singapore, with branch offices. Strong improvement of the company’s network has become a solid guarantee of global logistics.

  • Storage services to electronic products as the core of the high value-added industries to provide highly targeted storage, according to the actual needs of the bonded warehouse, export supervision warehouse, general trade warehouse;
  • Freight service with the armed three line, composed of global coverage of the three-dimensional network, build the ecological optimization of freight;
  • Supply chain research service according to the customer demand system for comprehensive development of leading, with the advanced technology of the supply chain to maintain optimal control, provide all kinds of customized supply chain solutions and consulting a high cost;
  • Cross-border business services with a clear business process, sound facilities, information management platform, systematic operation process, to build a reliable service system;
  • New energy car rental services to energy conservation, efficiency, environmental protection to lead the new eco green logistics, a variety of types of cars to meet the different needs of various situations.

Satellite positioning system

Based on the Xinnning logistics industry planning, technical standards, talent, technology and other aspects of the overall development, to promote the development of domestic road transport. The satellite positioning group to determine the Beidou application and vehicle networking applications as the core business development direction, the future will form the traditional industries and emerging industries to the diversified development of the new pattern of the two wheel drive. Diversified technology to solve a variety of customer needs. In the country to expand the 11 branches, to provide customers with the most timely technical and service.

  • The intelligent vehicle management cloud platform to bring you into the exciting compass + era, the function of vehicle distribution, operation status, location services, system management, remote instruction, real-time video and other integrated in a more effective management of vehicles and operating conditions, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises;
  • The terminal hardware customization of Beidou system safety, energy saving, opening and compatibility based on the design concept, to ensure high speed, safe and reliable data storage based on the full realization of monitoring and positioning, emergency alarm, real-time video and virtual fence, driving records and other functions, to achieve seamless integration with other devices to provide open interface, take B2B, B2C mode, cooperation and communication operators provide depth, personnel and vehicle location service to the public;
  • Compass application solutions adopted for data sharing and exchange platform, the integration of the Beidou Positioning Technology and Internet plus intelligent application form, vertical and horizontal interconnection, using cloud computing concepts and technology, build the informatization construction of exclusive cloud computing platform, data acquisition, sharing and exchange of cross industry.
  • Car networking smart cloud platform provides cloud computing resources for the vehicle, the analysis of large data in the cloud of the vehicle data, reduce the energy consumption and the time cost of single vehicle nodes, provide a body of data for diagnosis, navigation, all kinds of value-added services based on the customer position;
  • Car networking application development based on Android systems, to provide a wide range of car networking field, the platform of intelligent product application development. Research and development in line with market demand products, such as intelligent vehicle mounted mirrors, intelligent navigation system, smart camera, intelligent travel recorder, ADAS, intelligent charging piles and other products;
  • Car networking terminal customization using location-based services and networking in the field advantage, and years of experience in informatization construction, long-term commitment to the city traffic information and intelligent construction solutions, covering a number of areas, such as city intelligent transportation: road traffic information supervision field, vehicle integrated services, city bus intelligent etc..