Xinning logistics business group called the operational meeting in the fourth quarter of 2017

Jiangsu Xinning held the New Year celebrating party in 2018 with a theme of “New Journey and New Leaping Development”

January 20, 2018, Xinning Logistics Headquarters held a New Year celebrating party. More than 170 participants attended the party, including the staffs in the headquarters, the staffs in the functional department of the logistics business group, the staffs in the supply chain of Jiangsu, as well as the general managers and staff representatives of various subsidiaries who came to participate in the logistics business group operation meeting, the staff representatives of the satellite positioning business group and the guests.

140On the scene, the wonderful photos in 2017 were shown in the rolling of the large screen and the party began in the retrospect for happiness. First of all, Chairman Wang Yajun made a New Year speech. He fully affirmed the breakthrough achievements we made in 2017 and made higher requirements on the management team in 2018. We believe that we will make more splendid achievement in 2018 with the joint efforts of all staffs! And then, it was the commendation session for 2017. The selection results of “Ten Events of Xinning Logistics in My Heart in 2017” were announced, and the outstanding teams were given “Special Award of CEO in 2017”. In the meantime, in order to thank the two old leaders and veterans who will soon leave their posts and retire, the “Special Prize in 2017” was awarded – “Outstanding Contribution Award” to the Security Assurance Commissioner Chen Xiaoyang and “Enterprise Culture Contribution Award” to Chairman of Jiangsu Xinning Trade Union Xu Zhaohe.

In the dinner session, in addition to exciting programs, the game and lottery links were held. All staffs participated in interactive games together, including the chairman of the board and the front-line staffs, there was one climax after another. The New Year celebrating party in 2018 of Xinning Logistics ended in a satisfactory way. New journey, new leaping development.We believe that Xinning Logistics will embark on a new journey and achieve a new leap in 2018 with the joint efforts of all Xinning staffs!

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