Composite Logistics Solutions


Provide integrated supply chain management services including supply chain project design, warehouse management, transportation and distribution, supply chain finance, information service and so on.


  • Supply chain
  • VMI
  • Allocation Center
  • FTL
  • Supply chain finance

Research overview

Xinning logistics warehouse management system using modern transportation management system, electronic data interchange, integrated logistics solutions design consulting multiple modern intelligent technology and system to solve various problems of supply chain in the development process has been plagued by enterprises, establish an ideal supply chain for customers.

Product advantage

  • 20 years cultivating PC manufacturing supply chain, and gradually developed into integrated logistics service from a single warehouse
  • To provide up to 80% of raw material storage and distribution services for the country’s 6 largest PC generation plant
  • Forming a wealth of electronic components products, logistics data information
  • And the depth of the integration of the brand, the logistics services provided through the whole process of production and marketing
  • Intelligent platform to become the basis for the establishment of PC industry logistics big data