Cooperation opportunity


Xinning logistics actively seek and cherish every opportunity for cooperation, welcome the manufacturers and customers to establish a partnership with our cooperation, both in the development and utilization of logistics resources, or to establish business cooperation to provide solutions, we cherish every cooperation opportunity for both sides to achieve common interests to achieve a win-win situation.

Resource cooperation

Maximizing the efficiency of resources

Customer size, business model selection and storage space efficiency will affect or even determine the warehousing resources output, Xinning modern logistics has a huge number of customer resources network, flexible logistics service and meticulous management experience, good cooperation will be for your resources to bring greater returns.

Business operations become more simple

The procedure of the cumbersome and for accuracy requirements so that your management becomes perplexing, management mechanism, process system and standardization is an important means to make business operation become simple, Xinning modern logistics focus on bonded logistics field of nearly ten years of experience accumulated a set of effective procedures and system, it can make you the operation becomes simple and efficient.

Logistics services to achieve network

The global division of labor and the global market to promote the internationalization of logistics services, internationalization is the foundation of networked logistics network layout, one of the most important standard logistics partner of international manufacturers and supplier selection is the distribution outlets can meet the needs of the business area, Xinning modern logistics distribution in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Northeast outlets can be complementary the role and your network, it can help us to improve the ability of common customer service.

To enlarge the value of customer resources

If your business has accumulated many high loyalty customers, and these customers demand for bonded warehousing logistics is unable to provide your own, this time to find a good reputation, quality of service and stable partnership has become the best choice to play the value of resources. Xinning modern logistics up to 99.9% customer satisfaction won the unanimous recognition of leading enterprises Compal, ASUS, Tyco, world peace, Foxconn and other industries.

Enhance the ability of customer service

In the high-end logistics field, can provide personalized and integrated logistics service has become a key choice measure of customer service capabilities for customers, customer service has become the key elements of enterprise can retain customers and obtain value-added profits, Xinning modern logistics in the years of focused launched in the electronics industry production of international supply chain logistics service based on DC VMI, and comprehensive value-added logistics services greatly meet the needs of customers.

Get a good return on investment

In March 2006, the four meeting of the ten National People’s Congress of the “economic and social development of the Eleventh Five Year Plan”, the fourth “speed up the development of service industry,” the sixteenth chapter “the development of producer services”, a separate section of “vigorously develop modern logistics industry”. This shows that the international supply chain logistics not only has the national policy to encourage the support, but also has a very good space for growth and profitability. Compared with ordinary logistics, the entry threshold of the international supply chain and the quality of the customer are relatively high, which also provides a guarantee for the good return of funds.

Enhance the ability of business operations

To upgrade the competitive level of the industry and customer demand for personalized enterprises are required to improve the operation ability, including the ability to provide integrated logistics services, integrated logistics resources and enhance the ability of the logistics process management ability etc.. Our modern logistics based on the original bonded storage business, has integrated such as customs clearance, warehousing and transportation, freight forwarding, logistics value-added services and products of insurance services.

Win the opportunity of cooperation and win-win

Industry experience, financial support, customer demand and operation system is our key to win the market and customers, customer resources, operation system and management experience accumulated in Xinning modern logistics will be achieved a solid guarantee for the success of cooperation.

business cooperation

Enhance the capability of integrated logistics services
Non core business outsourcing to win competitive advantage
Get good cooperation opportunities for potential customers.

Enhance the ability of the whole supply chain service
To make up for the lack of its own network coverage
Non core business outsourcing to save operating costs
Good opportunity to win potential customers

Reduce or cancel the investment of storage resources
Realization of zero inventory management of imported materials
Production logistics outsourcing to shorten the production cycle
Non core business outsourcing to save operating costs

Domestic suppliers directly to the bonded logistics center
Set up a sub center in the area closest to the customer.
Reduce or cancel the investment of storage resources
Reduce overall inventory costs and reduce the cost of capital
Enhance the ability to provide value-added services to customers
Meet customer zero inventory management and immediate delivery requirements
Non core business outsourcing to reduce operational management costs

Direct shipment to bonded logistics center to reduce transportation costs
Production planning for customer orders can be arranged more reasonably
Reduce the material price fluctuations caused by the execution of the order of the risk
Enhance the ability to provide value-added services to customers

Enhance the ability to provide customers with integrated logistics services
Cooperation to expand the customer, to achieve the complementary advantages of resources
Cooperation to establish a new model of supply chain logistics operation

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