customer service


Bring value to Xinning logistics sincere service for customers, the service in every link of cooperation with customers, dedication to the spirit of service, in order to standardize the service standards and service processes, with reasonable industrial layout, to create the modern logistics information system technology, new experience. Xinning logistics since its inception, with “safe, accurate, fast and satisfactory” service concept, in the development process and conscientiously implement, to win the customer’s trust and support.


Requires us to work carefully and meticulously. Each assignment is established and parameters with the node control process, the key; every post a clear job responsibilities, procedures and specifications, delivery standards, to ensure that the 100% error free during operation.


We should try to track and control the whole process of the delivery of the goods, to ensure that the goods from suppliers to manufacturers of all intermediate links, warehouse design is not only convenient turnover, and give full consideration to the goods on the temperature and humidity and shockproof requirements; for the goods, we are fully prepared to do the goods in the warehouse warehouse inspection. Storage and transport process intact.


We fully understand the requirements of factory immediate delivery requirements for JIT, optimize the internal operating procedures and customs coordination relationship, make each segment time operation standards and do a good job on the downstream flow smoothly, ensure order delivery process quickly and accurately and orderly. Through KPI management and control, to achieve rapid JIT distribution for the factory to achieve zero inventory management to ensure.


We require a more in-depth study of the needs of customers, from the customer’s interests, to provide all-round, the whole process of customer value and service value of goods; we come up with 100% sincerity, wholeheartedly provide satisfactory service to customers 100%.