Warehousing Services


Domestic storage area of more than 700 thousand square meters, including bonded warehousing and general storage. Through the depth of coverage of the storage network, customized warehouse management systems, intelligent equipment applications, professional logistics management team, to provide customers with VMI warehousing and distribution channel distribution services.

  • Business field
  • Storage advantage
  • Intelligent storage equipment
  • Storage facility
  • KPI management
  • Rich bonded and non bonded warehouse resources;
  • Storage facilities and equipment through TAPA certification;
  • VMI, DC, FTL, all parts of the production line distribution CKD/ SKD SKD logistics, distribution processing function, warehouse outsourcing, spare parts supply chain logistics, financial services, professional services in the production logistics, distribution logistics, warehousing and other temperature control;
  • Provide labeling, re packaging, sorting, matching and other value-added services;
  • Customized solutions for different industries.

Fully automatic stereoscopic warehouse (in the construction of Hefei)


Automatic marking system, paste (Suzhou )


Automatic sorting line (Hefei, Wuhan)


Automatic information collection line (Wuhan)


Warehouse production line (Shenzhen)


Customized WMS system


Air conditioning warehouse, ordinary warehouse, high position

  • Plane storage area
  • Heavy shelf area
  • Light shelf area
  • Attic shelf area

Handling equipment

  • Diesel forklift truck
  • Battery fork lift truck
  • Electric forklift truck
  • Electric pallet truck

Cargo storage auxiliary system

  • Bar code identification system

KPI,Key Performance Index,Key performance indicators. The procedure for goods delivery timeliness of tracking, the corresponding quality objectives for the timely delivery of goods sunning rate.
In each link of the goods out of the library set up a computer to automatically record time point function, to track the time control of each link, and finally achieve the central manufacturer’s satisfaction of the library period.