Wisdom logistics is a good opportunity for China to “reduce costs”
Xinning logistics international logistics technology exhibition 2016 Chinese

Xinning logistics held in 2016 of “financial analysis and risk management” training

On August 22, 2016 -23, to improve the company’s overall financial management capacity, Xinning logistics invited Shanghai National Accounting Institute professor Zhemin for you for two days “financial analysis and risk management” training. The company’s headquarters and logistics business group, satellite positioning business group in the top management and financial responsible for a total of more than 110 people participated in this training.heying
In the class, the single professor believes that the nature of the enterprise is an asset, is the process of cash investment and cash recycling. The significance of the existence of the enterprise is to provide customers with the use of the value of products and services, the goal of enterprises in the industry chain and maintain competitive advantage in the same industry.
In the analysis of enterprises, the single professor with the economic activity analysis and financial analysis of the double logic, in order to mutually independent and interrelated way, the abstract financial data and image of enterprise activities combined. The analysis of corporate financial links, the significance of the financial market of Professor single enterprise and importance on investors separate analysis, as in the background of two rights separation, the nature of the relationship between the role of risk management and corporate financial markets clearly derived.
The two day training course is rich in content, clear logic, complete knowledge structure, more important is the single language teaching is lively and vivid, although financial knowledge, but easy to understand, very down to earth, we can understand the case analysis into economic problems will be complex and profound, won warm applause.
Sunning logistics successfully held the training, not only contribute to the company’s senior managers to improve financial management ability and financial personnel to improve the level of business, but also help to strengthen enterprise management and risk management of full consciousness, also further expounds the inevitable in the future development of business management and financial management of both hands to grasp. The company’s financial management in the future management of the proportion will be more and more big, do not know how financial managers are not qualified managers, enterprises will also be around the track of the development of enterprise management and financial management as the center.

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