Pay attention to poor students, to join the dedication of love

——E-TRANS in the process of information to set up the first Guizhou youth NGO student organization


E-TRANS information adhering to the “people-oriented” business philosophy, to promote “innovation, cooperation and win-win, loyalty, responsibility, gratitude fusion” enterprise culture, with the rapid development of the group’s business at the same time, has also been e-trans with practical action to return society.

Under the same blue sky, in our side there are some outlying poor economically underdeveloped areas. There is great distance, weak infrastructure. When we enjoy the behoove of social development and civilization progress brings convenience, where people still live with their ancestors like life: sunrise and sunset, lived a self-sufficient life semi closed, less contact with the outside world. Due to poor land, the annual per capita economic output in some areas is less than 2000 yuan. Live in the local people, most of the young people go out to work, one will not want to come back. All the old people and children were left behind. When working out the older, or in married, but only because most engaged in some low skilled work, it is difficult to afford children in the city’s growth and learning costs, and most of the children back home…… So a year cycle, the mountains of the old man is getting old, in the mountains without parents left-behind children more and more, and the diseases and accidents, the modern concept of marriage, left-behind children orphans in proportion is also increasing year by year.



Beautiful Xianglushan, is barren land into the mountain road, a road on both sides of the cliff is careful.


Under the mountain house, is the place where the children live



Every journey begins with the first step. In the process of positioning the direction of the public, we are just getting started, we do not have the ability to change the economic situation of a region (poverty), there is no way to bring health for a large number of seriously ill patients in poor areas (drag and cure disease, to save) lose the ability to live the elderly I have no long-term solution to help them (to help orphans and disabled), considering their actual situation and organization ability,



As of September 2015, the Communist Youth League, the school launched to pending more than 1000 copies, 244 copies of recipients completed preliminary data, field visits to review the object 122, the organization of volunteer public action more than 200 times, the success continued to help 57 poor students to return to school, has been widely praised by the society!

image019Helping the poor students is not a moment of passion and impulse, need to have, as always, persistent belief and spirit. A group led by example, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, contribution to participate in volunteer action, raise money, have to take practical action to help the poor students achieve the dream school, to help them like a normal child through a happy childhood, they protect the opportunities and city children like to enjoy education.


E-TRANS senior leadership and poor family photo


E-TRANS Special assistance activities


In 2013, for the family to send rice to poor students in Shenyang

image0272013, send oil meter for Kaili poor families


2014, start the new semester care activities

image035image0372015, to the Kaili mountainous areas of poverty brought to the needy people


In 2014, the child wrote a letter of thanks e-trans angel of love

Green stained thick branches, books filled with luggage, the summer quietly heralds the opening soon. e-trans called on the majority of volunteers will own information to those who love the now idle books, clothes and daily utensils, donate money to the children in poor areas. e-trans to the future of the company to do more than just for Guizhou, but also for the whole of china. But this goal, for us to go15, public welfare has become an integral part of the company’s corporate responsibility billion, we hope that through their own meager strength to infect more people to participate in the student career to donate. Have a mind, passing a love, expressing a kindness, let us love!



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