By September 18, 2016, Ming Jiang, Xinning Logistics Intelligent Team Zhang Hui joint venture Anhui Ruide Intelligent System Co. Ltd was established and the signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of Xinning logistics. Xinning logistics chairman Wang Yajun, chairman Chen Jun, Zhang Hui Ming Jiang intelligence team, the German Fraunhof Logistics Research Institute Song Wei, nearly 20 people attended the signing ceremony.
Anhui Ruide Intelligent System Co. Ltd. will be mainly carried out 4.0 industrial solutions and implementation; robot manufacturing and integrated application of intelligent warehouse logistics/AGV solution; industrial cloud, big data processing and service system; automatic assembly line customization; flexible assembly system of business intelligence.
Through cooperation, joint venture will deep cooperation in intelligent logistics system and equipment etc., together to highlight their advantages, improve the market competitiveness of the three party, to achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, it is also beneficial to improve the layout of our logistics industry, to achieve the strategic planning of intelligent logistics.

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