Original title: Wisdom logistics is a good opportunity to reduce costs in China

Global wisdom logistics summit was held in Hangzhou, many logistics sector, the business community and the Internet industry to attend the meeting to discuss the future of the wisdom of the logistics.
The summit hosted by the rookie network, the participants believe that the global logistics industry is facing a new round of upgrading opportunities. Once the logistics industry to achieve wisdom and sharing, can help China greatly reduce the total cost of social logistics.
Experts believe that China’s logistics network system compared with developed countries there is a big gap, but in terms of wisdom is to catch up with the development of the logistics of the developed countries a good opportunity.
Southern Daily reporter Peng Lin
Logistics total cost of GDP proportion is expected to fall to 5%
In the opinion of President Gao Hongfeng China express Association, the express industry has been developed to a considerable scale, the next step is to ensure quality and speed. In the Internet economy era, the key to the development of express industry to use information technology to promote the development of express logistics.
Public data show that in recent years, China’s express delivery business volume of more than 30% compound growth rate of more than 10. Alibaba CEO, rookie network chairman Zhang Yong said that the global courier industry has faced a turning point, the need to complete the wisdom of the transition, in order to support the continued growth of the economy of the future electricity suppliers. Only hand in hand to promote the sharing and intelligent logistics, the entire industry is likely to achieve corner overtaking.
In March this year, rookie network and logistics partners together to form a rookie alliance. Through the support of big data, rookie alliance to enhance the logistics service experience, to help the logistics industry to establish a hierarchical service, get rid of homogenization of competition.
But this is only the first step in the transformation of the logistics industry to wisdom, the deep application of big data and new technology has not fully followed up.” Rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong said, through the full sharing and intelligent logistics, can help consumers improve the experience to help improve the competitiveness of logistics enterprises, more value is to help the whole society to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.
As a direct impact on the comprehensive strength of the economic indicators, the total social logistics costs accounted for the proportion of GDP, developed countries only 8%, China is currently 16%, there is a large decline in space.
Tong Wenhong said that by promoting the transformation of the logistics industry to wisdom, the future goal is to reduce the total cost of social logistics in China to 5% of GDP, which will be a major contribution to the new logistics model of society.
Science and technology will enhance the logistics service personalized service experience
Whether it is Germany’s industrial 4, or 2025 of Chinese manufacturing, the need for intelligent logistics system as an important support.” The German Fraunhof Logistics Research Institute chief scientist China Fang Dianjun believes that the logistics network system China compared with developed countries there is a big gap, but in the construction of intelligent logistics is a good opportunity to catch up with the developed countries.
Previously, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Sun Jiwen on the issue this year, domestic circulation to achieve modernization also responded. Sun Jiwen said that this year, the Ministry of Commerce in the supply side structural reform as the starting point, to promote the domestic circulation modernization, to achieve positive results.
In addition to the “short board” efforts, efforts to strengthen the circulation infrastructure construction. Ministry of commerce is also a cost reduction efforts, focus on the development of modern circulation. Through the promotion of online and offline interaction, promote e-commerce and logistics coordinated development, improve the urban and rural distribution network, improve the service level of logistics, reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, let the people shopping cheaper and more convenient.
Rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong said that big data is the basis of intelligent logistics, the logistics industry will vigorously promote the information of the data, and the data to cloud sharing, so as to produce a fully optimized logistics path.
Yuantong chairman Yu Weijiao believes that now is the best period for the development of China express industry, tact will increase R & D and investment in intelligent logistics, enhance consumer service experience, which will also serve the needs of economic and social development and upgrading of the Chinese. “A lot of logistics enterprises arise from the grassroots, with bigger scale, and personalized logistics services to consumers demand more and more high, the logistics industry needs to find new energy from technology.”
At present, more and more logistics enterprises try to develop or use logistics robots and unmanned aircraft to the distribution of goods.
However, Tong Wenhong believes that the UAV is not the future of the mainstream of urban distribution. Now many people talk about the logistics sector in UAV, show the composition of some high.
10 years later, China’s annual delivery of 100 billion, if you rely on UAV distribution, what will appear on that day, the UAV distribution in rural areas with low population density is the application of the scene.” Tong Wenhong believes that the future of the end of the distribution, the courier service must be coupled with the convenience of the community service network. Compared with the UAV, the future of unmanned vehicle distribution may be more realistic, the UAV can only be used as a supplement.
Source: http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2016-06-15/doc-ifxszfak3887278.shtml

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